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  • BRL1,868,046
  • (USD 500,000)
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Villa  2 bedrooms
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  • Jundiaí
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Phone  --(Phone number)--  - Location:
Located in the middle of the Sierra Japi, in Jundiaí, the Santa Clara, about 20.000m2 area used between buildings and orchard, and the remainder pasture, eucalyptus and native forest, about 15 km to Highway Anhanguera being about 05 km of asphalt and 10 km of dirt road constantly preserved, an idyllic spot with spectacular views of the Sierra Japi amidst the natural forest and free from any pollution.

02 - Documentation:
With writing and recording in the land registry.

03 - Land area:
43,200 m2

04 - Built area:
600 m2

05 - Description:

A - Main house:
Three suites, one master, with cold air conditioning, heating, dressing room with closet, bathroom with jacuzzi, panoramic glass roof, electric shower and shower with pressurized gas heating.
Office air conditioning hot and cold, door counter with output to the gardens, an outdoor pool and orchard overlooking the mountains.
Room with two rooms, 01 of dressed stone wall, tiled floors and balcony door with access to terrace.
Living room fireplace with low floors and finish timber and stones.
Two domestic kitchens, and with a waiver.
Rustic outdoor kitchen with oven and wood stove, woodshed, sink and barbecue.
Bathroom complete with shower, washbasin with hot and cold water and bidet.
Terrace discovered about 70m2, surrounded by flower beds and a view of the mountains, gardens, orchard and an outdoor pool.
Main entrance of the house, covered with rocks, fish tank with waterfall and also the chapel with stone cladding.
02 boxes of water each 1.000l.
B - Leisure:
Two swimming pools, an outdoor vinyl with 80.000l about 06M wide by 12m long, covered with rocks and waterfall fountain `Lion Man` with Cuba.
Engine room complete with filter and pump.
Masonry Pool, heated, fully covered and sealed, coated and decorated hall, with 06 devices hydro, waterfall, lighting, bathroom, dressing room and surround sound system.
House of machines with two independent pumps, one for the filter and heating and one for hydro and waterfall.
Sauna, full bath, electric shower and gas independent.
Fish pond, water mill and island wooden bench and wooden bridge access.
Area surrounding the lake with several banks in wood and grass.
Mini football field lawn.
Games room with pool table.
Orchard with about 500 fruit trees, including Jabuticabeiras, avocado pitangueiras, mangoes, oranges of various kinds, various kinds of gossipy, banana, cherry, persimmon, fruit count, carambola, Lixia and various other types.
Extensive garden lawn, formed with many feet and varieties of plants and ornamental trees, orchids in great profusion, bromeliads, palm trees and various flowers.
Shallow creek water clean and clear, that runs on bed of rocks and sand. (The same creek that forms the almost 800m below the famous waterfall Morangaba, site listed by Federal, State and City)
D: Miscellaneous:
Chapel timber with lighting.
Arbor and a small greenhouse for seedlings and flowers.
Garden surrounded with several types of plants and vegetables.
Hen house surrounded and covered pond with quail and guinea pig.
Workshop room and full rations.
Covered parking for two cars.
Garage discovered for six or more vehicles.
Shed for storage of objects.
Light phase.
Caretaker`s house with two bedrooms, living room kitchen and bathroom and separate water tank.
Phone `Ruralcell` (even the phone system) with a tower, antenna and lightning rod.
Good cell signal carrier `LIVE`
Satellite dish.
Antenna for a SKY.
Masonry water tank, with about 20.000l water supplied by gravity, water mines that lie within the property.
Box 500l plastic water for landscape irrigation.
S I T I O OF JUNDIAÍ  Contacts   Phone  --(Phone number)--  - Location:  Located in the middle of the Sierra Japi, in Jundiaí, the Santa Clara, about 20.000m2 area used between buildings and orchard, and the remainder pas...
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