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In Georgia, in one of the most beautiful regions of Kakheti, near the town of Telavi, in the valley of Lopota there is a fish industry with the plot, lakes and forests. The total area consists of 230,000 sq. m. (23 ha). 460 m. from the sea level. The area consists of seven lakes of different depths. The total water area - 21 ha. (210 000 square meters), depth - 4-5 m. The bottom is built with crushed stone from the riverbed. The lakes are fed from the environmental clean river Lopota. The place itself is located on the waterfront of the River. Because of the ecologically clean area this production is characterized by special flavor.

In the 80s of the past century the products manufactured at this place were very popular not only in Georgia but also in neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan. Prime function of the plot is the fish production, but the area and the terrain makes it possible to develop successful for poultry farming, animal husbandry and beekeeping. In the 80s honey was also produced there in large quantities and the place was very popular because of the healthy and delicious qualities.

Last year this area was announced as a promising area for tourism development. Near the location there is a world-famous hotel-complex `Lopota.` So, the potential of the development of this plot towards the direction of tourism is very big.

The property is located 90 km. away from Tbilisi.

Property is provided with electricity.

6 km. from the place there is a path to Tusheti national park zone.

See attached file `Fishing farm`: #lat=42.0703855&lon=45.5134821&z=15&l=1&m=b&search=artana

Price: 1sq.m. - 2,5 $,
Total space – 230 000 sq.m. - 575 000 $

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