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  • (EUR 325,000)
  • 2 bedrooms
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Like an eagles nest.
The facility consisting of total 5 blocks 6
independent parts is located in the region of
Kýþla of the village Kalkan.
One of the blocks is a twin building. 3 of the
blocks have the same architectural
characteristics whereas 1 of the blocks has
a different architectural feature.
BB1- (independent part 1) It is the only
building of the facility that has a different
architectural feature. It consists of 4
bedrooms, 4 bathrooms-WC and 1 living
room with an open kitchen. It has its own
private swimming pool.
BB2-BB3-BB4 Villas have 2 bedrooms, 1
bathroom-WC and a living room + open
kitchen. Each have their private swimming
BB5-BB6 twin villas consist of 2 bedrooms,
1 bathroom-WC and a living room + open
kitchen. The villas have a shared swimming
The facility has been constructed with a
contract of a construction right in return for
a flat. It is subject to apartment sharing.
The completion of the shared elevator of the
facility and some areas that are not included
in the contract and some of the demands of
the buyers will be within the purchase price
and some will be done on a bargain basis in
return for a payment. (Please get
information about this issue.)
The owners of the villas will sign an annex
protocol and a written contract about the
making use of the shared areas, demands
of changes they wish to be done on their
The maintenance of the shared areas of the
facility, of the swimming pools and the
buildings and the transfer of the owners of
the villas will be carried our by the main
constructor for free for the first year. The
following years all these service will be
carried out at a charge.
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