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CNY262  House Beijing

  • CNY262
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  • 1 bedrooms
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  • Beijing
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East Downtown
Location : Located at North East of China Center(500miters to Dawanglu Subway Station)

Decoration: Good Quality Decoration
Facilities: All new furnitures&appliances: TV, Refrigerator, Wash machine,

Microwave, Air-condition, Telephone, Internet access, rice cooker, kitchenware and dishware, Nice bed articles. Alarm System.

Please take towel and toothbrush by yourself.
Type: Standard Apartment
Price: 1-10days RMB298/day-$39/day,11-

20days RMB278/day-$37/day,21-30days RMB248/day-$33/day,RMB8000month-$1,100/month. Please see Victual tour on

follow link:
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Landmark Building: China Center, SOHO, Wanda Plaza, Guomao, Jingguang Center, BTV Station, CCTV

station, HP Building, Motorola Building, Merchants Bank Building etc.
Shopping Place:15minutes walking to Wanda

International Thereat, New World Plaza, Wal-Mart Super market, 10min to China Center, Bonjour Super market; Taking taxi

12min to Xiushui Market, Sanlitun Yaxiu Clothes Market.
Surrounding: 24 hours Convenient Store in the Lobby, Hair

Dresser&SPA, Laundry; 7-11, LULU Restaurant (Shanghainese Food),), Korea Restaurant, Western Restaurant, Coffee Shop etc.

 Famous sightseeing such as: Take subway12minutes to Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jianguomen

Ancient Observatory, Qianmen Tower, Drum &Bell Tower, Changyang Park etc.
Walking 10minutes to

Dawanglu Subway Station or Sihui Station.8minutes taxi to Guomao Shuttle Bus Station(From there you could take shuttle bus to

Capital Airport).  Bus line: From Yingjiafen Stop to Guomao, China Center, Jinguang Center,Chaoyangmen,

Esat 3rd Ring, Work Stadium, CHaoyang Park, Lufthansa Center:


To Zhongguancun: 718(to Summer Place),725,825

  From Beijing Railway Station to East Downtown
Way:Take taxi, From Beijingzhandongjie to

Chaoyanglu, Cost:RMB12yuan/person.
From Airport to East Downtown
Way1: Take Shuttle Bus(Capital airport to

Guomao, cost:RMB16/person) get off at Guomao and take taxi to East Downtown, Cost:12/person. Total cost:

Way2:Take Take taxi directly(from airport to East 4th Ring-

South West Conner of Ciyunsiqiao Bridge), Cost RMB78yuan/person.
Apartment Condition: 84sqm, one bedroom,

one bathroom, one kitchen, 43sqm Living room, big windows with bright light.
24Hours Security Guards Service, 24 hours

Hot water& Elevator,.
These building with good location are the ideal accommodation place for business men, travelers,

students, family vacation and internship students etc.
Less Like a Hotel, More Like a Home!

East Downtown  Location : Located at North East of China Center(500miters to Dawanglu Subway Station)    Decoration: Good Quality Decoration  Facilities: All new furnitures&appliances: TV, Refrigerator, Wash machine,    Microwave, Air-condition, Telephone, Internet access, rice cooker, ki...
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