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Hidden in the Northern Range of
Trinidad`s rainforest in the ward
of Blanchisseuse is a small
village called Brasso Seco which
is an eco-visitor`s dream come
true. For Sale is 6 acres of land
which is suitable for agriculture
or a nature trail. The land has a
small river passing through it
called the Marian`s river. That
same River is used for the damps
higher up which brings water to
the house. There are also springs
on the land plus a waterfall.
Lights are a mile away and the
roads are maintained by Forestry
Division. Location- When you reach
the 12 mile junction , there is a
shed on the right hand side, turn
left into Brasso Seco Road , then
unto marian trace. Park you car
and the 15mins hike has began.
First you will meet a river. cross
the river and continue following
the road/track through the forest.
The end of the Marian track is the
begining of the land. Land is 75%
slope and 25% fllat. Description
of the land. The land is laden
with fruit trees such as grape
fruit trees, Portugal, tangerine,
julie mangoes, starch, grafted
grapefruit orange, pollock
avocado, common avacado, grafted
avocado, bananas such as chiquita
lacto,silk, gummy, Cedar wood can
be found with some wild animals
such as deer,
wildhog,lap,auguti,tattoo etc
Hidden in the Northern Range of  Trinidad`s rainforest in the ward  of Blanchisseuse is a small  village called Brasso Seco which  is an eco-visitor`s dream come  true. For Sale is 6 acres of land  which is suitable for agriculture  or a nature trail. The land has a  sm...
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