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Business Proposal :
Industrial area in Olszyna

Subject and range of Business Proposal:
The sale of property - the former brickworks in Olszyna, ul. Adam Mickiewicz 7

Determination of Geodetic: Olszyna precinct, AM5
plot No 1041/6 area 400m2
plot No 1041/21 area 16.100m2
plot No 1041/22 area 4.700m2
plot No 104123 area 6.600m2
plot No 679/2 area 52.665m2
plot No 681 area 7.700m2
Total area of the plots: 88.165m2

The property is located in the south-east part of the city, in two complexes. Parcels No 1041/6 and 1042/21 includs all mass media, as previously there was a brickyard, which has been demolished and now stands there only industrial chimney.
In this area there are paved maneuvering square and warehouse square, network cables, water and sewage.
Plot No 1041/22 i 1041/23 is partly wooded.
This area may be used as e.g. transport base or production facility, since in a separate part of the plot there is an electric transformer, which could provide electronic power to any plant.
On plots No 679 / 2 and 681 there were clay deposits, after which there is a body of water on the area of 0,8 hectare.
This area has been prepared for development of both service commercial and residential. Cleaning up the site was based on the alignment of all the uneven terrain.
This parcel is surrounded on three sides by asphalt roads.
From one side, the land borders the A30 dual carriageway Jelenia Gora-Zgorzelec, from the other side the A30 road from the city center with virtually City Hall.
From the third side road parallel to the A30 and also linking with the road (two driveways leading to alder from the A30 and A30 road). This plot is attractively located, on the one hand the city center and school on the other main road Cruising.

According to the plan designed for estate planning plot No. 1041 / 6, 1041/21 is intended to: - commercial services-productive activities (industry),
- warehouses, depots, warehouses,
- maintenance of public utilities, construction and agriculture, communication equipment vehicle : service stations and car sales, petrol stations and car parks.
On the plots 679 / 2, 681 limit development of land are:
- buildings and structures devoted to the fundamental functions,
- greenery, insulation,
- access, travel and internal roads,
- technical infrastructure, including the separate parcels,
- territorial sport equipment and recreation facilities (buildings), green-after land reclamation.
Under consideration there is a proposal to extend the use of the to a mixed-housing, gas and commercial buildings.
These plots can be divided into smaller parts according to customer needs.
We can also prepare this real estate for development, as well as organize the building right.

Price from 8 euro to 15 euro per m2 depending on the size.

Contact information:
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SALE OFFER    Business Proposal :  Industrial area in Olszyna    Subject and range of Business Proposal:  The sale of property - the former brickworks in Olszyna, ul. Adam Mickiewicz 7    Determination of Geodetic: Olszyna precinct, AM5  plot No 1041/6 area ...
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