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With only

the imagination as the summit of possibility, Century Properties, voted most outstanding real estate company of the year,

embarks on one of the most progressive projects in the history of Philippine Real Estate.

Century City will be an

entirely new urban experience set to redefine the Makati skyline.
Inspired by history`s greatest architect, Mother Nature.

It will be an organic futurecity that fuses nature and Urbanity.

Featuring exclusive Hyper-Amenitized Residences,

state-of-the-art corporate complexes, a private recreational club, a branded luxury hotel and a sprawling shopping, dining,

and entertainment lifestyle center unlike anything ever built.

On a site once occupied by the International School,

spanning an avenue we call `Kalayaan,` which is the Filipino word for `Freedom`, it will be an experience that liberates us

from everything we have ever known in defining a city.

With a true 24/365 global dynamic, it will be the embodiment

of our country`s highest aspirations. It will become the Pride of the Philippines and will soon become one of Asia`s most

exciting destinations.

Makati, the undisputed financial, commercial, and social hub in the


Century City lies in the heart of the new Makati Central Business District, the most expensive and most

desired real estate in the city. Flanked by dynamic thoroughfares Buendia, Makati and Ayala Avenues, Century City residents

get to soak in all of the metro`s wonderful vigor.

Known as the business and entertainment capital of the

Philippines, Makati is the hub of the future where close to 3,000 dining establishments, 6 five-star hotels, the hottest

nightspots and the country`s top shopping malls are located. While residents get full access to the exhilarating Makati

lifestyle, schools, churches, banks, embassies and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) station are never more than just a few

minutes away.

Century City is located in the core of Makati, The Philippines Central Business


The first product to rise in Century City is called the Gramercy Residences.

Makati radiates the

financial pulse of the nation; it is the birthplace of dreams, the cradle of opportunity. It is both the origin and

destination of desires, where you will find the most desired and most expensive real estate in the entire country.

Century City will rise right in the heart of it all, a shining symbol of our nation s highest aspirations, an icon of the

new Philippines--modern, progressive and truly world class

With only the imagination as the summit of

possibility, Century Properties, voted most outstanding real estate company of the year, embarks on one of the most

progressive projects in the history of Philippine Real Estate.

A sprawling mixed use development for work, live, and

play, it will be totally different from what we are used to in defining a city.

A vision this bold attracts the world

s most esteemed designers and planners. Among them is Jone Adams Jerde, of Jerde Partnerships, world renowned master planners

of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles, and the 1984 Los Angeles

Olympic Games in California.

In the Makati central business district, where property value and

land is at its most prime, is a 48,520 square meter property that spans the length of an avenue we call Kalayaan which is

the Filipino word for Freedom.

Occupied for half a century by the International School Manila, this is the LAST

remaining piece of prime real estate for new development in the nation`s capital city... a blank canvas for the master

strokes of a team of visionary minds.

Striking an awe-inspiring silhouette against the Makati skyline, Century City

will redefine our common perception of the Urban Experience. The Pride of the Philippines, it will be one of the most

exciting destinations in Asia.

Massive infrastructure development, road widening, public works beautification,

traffic decongestion strategies and construction will be undertaken to ensure ease of access to the development as well as

create a unique and distinct ambience as you approach and depart from this exciting new place.


City is a product of Century Properties` in-depth consultation with history`s greatest architect: Mother Nature. Replicating

the underlying blueprint of ecosystems that exist in nature, the city becomes a living, breathing organism. It will feature:

Residential projects sprouting like redwoods reaching for the sky;
Canyons that connect and intersect with an

underground and above ground system for parking;
In-complex transportation planted with elements of retail, and

entertainment; and
State-of-the-art corporate complexes, serving as a source of nourishment for the entire community

Located in the heart of the Century City is part of the Makati Central Business District. Its proximity to the

country`s top corporations, financial centers and other establishments, all but ensures the sustained caress of success. It

Set to become the largest IT Park in the country s financial center
A fusion of Technology and Nature, of all

things both familiar and refreshing
A magnet for the most gifted and exceptional among the available labor pool

feature build to suit corporate complexes, custom designed to suit the specifications of future office tenants

Amplify life in an entirely new perspective: this modern ecosystem combines work, with live and play facilities

at short stroll or elevator ride away. It`s an often heard of attempt, brought to surround sound reality at Century

Featuring the concept that Century Properties pioneered: Fully-Fitted and Fully-Furnished residences. This highly

acclaimed concept will be taken to the next level with more choices, more options, and more bespoke standards to truly allow

you to personalize your home.
An experiential symphony of all you could ever ask for in one place
Your home, your

office, and the rest of your life, integrated in the most advanced, most magnificent, most exhilarating master-planned

address in the country
A synergy of anything and everything your heart desires

The world does not sleep,

and as the sun sets in one city, a new day begins in another. The very nature of Century City s pulse is one that marches to

the beat of the global financial drum. And as the flow of commerce and information is one that is unceasing, its energy is

24/365--constantly shifting its reason for being in response to its audiences throughout the day and into the night.

An organic retail architecture never before seen in the country will find its conceptual inspiration from an individual s

journey through the public spaces. This lifestyle center will be a shifting, pulsing facility spanning the entire land area

and sprouting like delightful outgrowths in the most unexpected of ways. This shopping, dining, and entertainment component

becomes the City s permanent joie de vivre, where every single spot in the city is worthy of a postcard moment, and every

vantage point is a cause for celebration. Century City is:
Pulsing with 24/365 vibrant energy;
Replete with only the

best stores the world has to offer... for the customer who deserves only the best.
Complete with Movie theatres, a

Private Sports Club, an executive office club, the best bars and restaurants, and the most sought after fashion brands

Posh restos, cafes, clubs, bars, theaters, galleries, museums--every component will constantly trigger

perceptual reactions from those who live, work and visit this tireless destination.
The world`s best flavors spread out

across the entire city, as every lunch break becomes a culinary adventure.
A true global city with a 24/365 dynamic. It

changes its message in tune to its changing audiences.
The transforming landscape will accommodate different groups at

different times of the day.
Always open, eternally energized. Century City is alive.

Century Properties

has donated a portion of the property to the city of Makati, and on this site will rise a foremost Information Technology

school, representing the ambitions and aspirations of a new and progressive Philippines.
Projected to provide a natural

supply for the manpower requirements for the BPO locators and the corporations that make their address at Century City.

Yet another link in an ecosystem that is master-planned to ensure the elevation of all that reside within.

Relaxation, Recharging, Reinvigoration, Recreation, Return for more. Century City will encapsulate its passion

for luxury through the country`s first ever designer branded hotel. An amalgamation of Century`s philosophy of exceptional,

world class service, the hotel will take its place as one of the finest in the world.
Get a taste of the luxurious

lifestyle evey time you come and visit Century City
Experience world-class accommodations right at the business center of

Metro Manila
The Ultimate hotel experience you`d wish was less fleeting and more permanent. It`s a stay you`ll never

forget and a luxury you`ll often want to come back to

Inspired by the spirit of the great city of New

York, The Gramercy Residences will be the first tower to rise at Century City.

This ultra-exclusive hyper-amenitized

condo project takes its name from Manhattan`s ultra-exclusive Gramercy Park, a private, fenced-in private park in New York

City`s most prestigious of neighborhoods, accessible only to the well heeled residents of the buildings in the area who are

assigned keys, which is one of the last remaining private parks in the United States. It is here that Cyrus Field conceived

the Trans-Atlantic Cable, Mark Twain played pool, and an eight-year old John F. Kennedy chased the squirrels on a lazy

afternoon. It is the exclusivity, the history, and the central characteristics of Gramercy Park in New York, that has

inspired in no small measure, the first urban icon set to rise in progressive Century City.

Gramercy, a unique

private enclave, is a sanctuary in the middle of the city`s relentless pace. It echoes the New York of a quieter, gentler

time. Here, at the turn of a key, is peace and quiet, a place to muse and reflect, read a newspaper or merely catch some


This new residential masterpiece will feature interiors and aesthetics that evoke the Big Apple`s unmistakable

flair, and the exclusivity and style of its Manhattanite namesake.

The Trilogy is a cluster of three

residential masterpieces set to rise within Century City. Each building will have its own distinct architectural story,

tracing its inspiration from three of the world`s greatest cities, Paris, London, and New York.

The Trilogy will

introduce a sensational new genre to urban living with a hyper-amenitized condominium concept that luxuriously converges the

best of the world`s most desired addresses in one place.

With Century City`s citizens, a new paradigm in residential

high-rise development will be set, with all units not only providing Century`s highly acclaimed, Fully-fitted, fully-

furnished concept, but taking bespoke living to the next level with more interior design options to allow you to truly

personalize your future home.

As the first residences to be built within a future urban icon and international

landmark, Century City`s Trilogy cluster boasts of delightful amenities never before seen in the industry.

Among them

is the piece de resistance: The Oasis, a breathtaking sky park (see drawing above) with waterfalls, infinity pools, a

designer restaurant, health club and more, 30 stories above the ground and traversing each of the three


Infinity Pool
Hovering over the city views pulls swimmer to the precipitous edge for views

found nowhere else in the world.
25 meter Lap-pool with multiple lanes
Kiddie Pool
Other Auxiliary/wading Pools

Cascading water falls
The sound of rainfall fills the air with a sense of serenity while the waterfall doubles as a

distinct visual interest.
Relaxing in dramatic fashion, it treats seekers of tranquility to the fantastic city

view while being immersed in nature.
Yoga / Taebo / Pilates Room
Tucked away behind lush landscape, the facility is set

in tranquility to maximize residents` relaxation, meditation and exercise.
From facials to steam bath, from

aromatherapy to volcanic rocks, the massage and spa clinic at the Gramercy provides an escape for those who want to recharge

and rejuvenate. For those who wish to have treatments at the privacy of their own homes, 24-hour massage at resident`s suites

is also available.
A 24 hour fitness center overlooking the main floor with city views that set a scenic backdrop

for those who wish to improve their health and well being. There will be three kinds of gyms at the gramercy to suit the

individual work-out style of each resident.
A General Purpose Gym containing both weights and aerobic machines
A gym

that just contains strength and weight machines
A gym that just contains Aerobic, treadmill, biking Machines

Glass Pavilion
The glass pavilion contains a centralized Juice Bar in the midst of an urban garden

Reflected Ceiling
A surreal garden island within the reflecting pool. Opens to a glass bottom that creates a

dramatic ceiling for the play pool below.
Cantilevering Walkway
Suspended in mid-air with an infinity pool on one side

and glass handrail on the outside, this feature provides an amazing walkway experience.
Resident`s Lounge
Nesting on

the main floor in the garden area, the communal space provides the perfect place for conversations and light

Conference Room
Located just above the main floor, this flexible space has global communication capabilities,

such as video conferencing and wireless internet for the exclusive use of Gramercy`s residents.
Other Hyper-Amenities

within Century City
Children`s Day Care Center
THX Theater
Library / Book Club
Children`s Playground

Meditation Garden Cafe / Restaurant Wine Bar & Storage
24-hour doormen
24-hour massage service
Several State

-of-the-Art movie houses Delivery service from all Century City restaurants
Massage and spa services

shopping and delivery services, including groceries, cleaners, pharmacies, etc.
Messenger services for local pick-ups and

Newspaper delivery
Pet walking and sitting services
Pick-up and delivery services for laundry and dry

Technical support services for computers, entertainment centers and telecommunication equipment

storage space available (for sale) for boxes, old clothes, sports equipments and the like.

In order to make

purchasing and moving-in a hassle free experience, all units at The Gramercy come fully-fitted and stylishly furnished. No

longer will you have to spend more to buy a kitchen and dining room showcase, or set up a home entertainment center.

Moreover, you will no longer be troubled with finding the right interior designer, contractors and suppliers.


Gramercy, living starts the day the unit is turned over to you. What`s more, Century Properties takes bespoke living to the

next level with more interior design options to allow you to truly personalize your future home


residential floors at the Gramercy ensure breathtaking views of different parts of the city, as all units open up to large

balconies with picturesque angles of the Makati skyline, Fort Bonifacio, Ortigas and even Manila Bay


Form and function play key roles in the design of each unit, with every space maximized, every furniture exuding that

timeless New York sophistication and every corner bringing utmost comfort and efficiency.


1986, Century Properties has been developing, managing, and marketing the most exceptional residential, corporate, and

leisure developments in the Philippines. The Pacific Star Building, The Riviera Golf and Country Club, The Asian Hospital

Medical Suites, and the award winning Essensa East Forbes in Fort Bonifacio are only a few of over sixty major projects in

its very impressive portfolio.

Today, it has quietly grown into one of the LARGEST privately owned full-service real

estate firms in the Philippines, with over 70 billion pesos in total assets under management.

Century Properties

Inc. has earned a solid reputation for developing reputable high-rise condominiums in the Philippines. In its 20 years of

visionary real estate service, the company has dedicated itself to delivering only the most promising, innovative and award-

winning projects in the industry.

Gramercy will be managed by Century Properties Management Inc., the largest

property management company in the Philippines, ensuring you of well-maintained residences for many, many years.


The Jerde Partnership International is the architectural and urban planning firm behind numerous global

landmarks, including the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, the soon-to-rise City of Dreams in Macau,

and the Zlote Tarasy in Poland, winner of the best masterplanned development in the world.

Based in Venice,

California, the Jerde Partnership is headed by its founder and president Jon Adams Jerde who pioneered `experience

architecture` or the philosophy of `placemaking.`

This design philosophy centers on creating unique places that

deliver memorable experiences and attract millions of people everyday; and provide lasting social, cultural and economic

value and promote further investment and revitalization.

To learn more about the Jerde Partnership, please go to:

jerde .


The Philippines is on the verge of a phenomenal future
The Philippine

currency has reached a 5-year high in 2007 and continues to be strong and resilient, fortified by the economic management of

the current administration.

Among the 25 priority infrastructure projects expected for completion by 2010 are the LRT

line 1 to NAIA, the P21 billion Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, the P6.9 billion Subic Port development the P1.3 billion North

Expressway-South Luzon Expressway connection via C-5 Project, and the Edsa Rehabilitation Project. Six of the major projects

are set to be completed by March 2007.

The Philippine Stock exchange hit a nine year record in 2006 and opened 2007

some 30 percent higher and continues to be strong.

The overall business climate is upbeat and industry leaders and

CEOs perceive that 2007 and 2008 will be even better.

The Philippines has emerged a strong second to India in the

global outsourcing market. In 2006, it recorded $3.6 billion in earnings, a 50%-percent jump from 2005 and by 2010 it is

expected to earn as much as $12.2billion.

Big outsourcing players in the U.S. such as Sykes Enterprises, Convergys,

PeopleSupport Inc, Accenture, and eTelecare Global solutions have already set up headquarters in the Philippines, and Dell

computers recently opened a contact center and is on schedule to open a second one this year. The Philippines is becoming a

much preferred option as it has stronger cultural ties to the United States than India, and it is expected to catch up and

even overtake India as market leader.

Remittances from Filipino Expatriates have grown to over $1.2billion dollars a


We are on the verge of the biggest real estate boom in history, set to totally eclipse the 1997 Asian crisis,

and fueled by money from Overseas Filipinos, foreign investment, and a strong and bullish economy.

A surging demand

for real estate is expected to sustain a continued surging growth of the Property industry.

The current economic

managers of the country have remained steadfast in pursuing a blueprint for an economically prosperous future.
WELCOME TO CENTURY CITY  With only    the imagination as the summit of possibility, Century Properties, voted most outstanding real estate company of the year,    embarks on one of the most progressive projects in the history of Philippine Real Estate.    Century City will be an&...
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