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This is a fully furnished house & lot with big land

area of 22,595 sqm (243,077 sq ft). House area of 432 sqm (4647 sq ft) w/ separate bldg for garage. Below are the



The QUIBORO MANSION is one of the

top properties on Camiguin Island. The construction was completed by early 2006 and the house and garage/service building

appears in excellent condition, as brand new.
The QUIBORO MANSION is designed by the owner with inspiration from concepts

such as functionality, harmony, durability and timeless design.
The open angles in the hexagon shape of the house are an

important feature, and give the occupants a sense of openness and harmony.
Many openings to the outside, a ceiling height

of 3 metres and an elevation of 200 metres above sea level ensure pleasant day temperatures and cool nights and

Beautiful views of the ocean and of Bohol and Mindanao can be enjoyed from various places in the house and on

the property.
Spectacular sun and moon rises can often be experienced, and are especially enjoyable from the roof



The entire construction was contracted and carried out under careful supervision of

qualified engineers as well as under constant supervision of owner.
The construction work was carried out by highly

qualified and experienced skilled craftsmen.
The house is entirely constructed with most durable materials.

materials used are of absolutely best quality.


The house has a total floor area of 432 sq.m.

(4650 sq.ft.).
The ground floor and the 2nd floor are both 110 sq.m. (1184 sq.ft.).
The roof deck including the stair

house has an area of 110 sq.m. (1184 sq.ft.).
The ground floor porch is 65 sq.m. (700 sq.ft.) and the second floor balcony

is 37 sq.m. (398 sq.ft.).

The ground floor consists of a big living/kitchen/dining area, 1 small bedroom, 1 toilet and

a large porch as a natural extension of the living area.
The second floor consists of a family hall with office area, 2

large bedrooms, the master bedroom, 2 bathrooms, one in the family hall and one in the master bedroom, as well as the porch

accessible from the master bedroom and the family hall.
The roof deck is one large partly covered platform and a stair

house with an indoor staircase providing the access.

The garage/service building is a one storey

concrete building with factory painted corrugated steel roof. It has a total floor area of 77 sq.m, consisting of 56 sq.m.

double garage and storage area, 9 sq.m. staff quarter, 2 sq.m. staff bathroom and 10 sq.m. laundry/dirty kitchen area.

garage has 2 large stainless steel roll up doors, and the windows are steel frames with grills.
The building has build in

lights in the ceilings as well as in the overhang.
The roof structure is all steel and only durable materials have been

used for the entire construction.


The property consists of two lots separated by the public

The main lot where the house and the garage/service building is located,
has an area of 14.297 sq.m. (3,53

The secondary lot across the road has an area of 8.298 sq.m. (2,05 acres).
The property has a total land area

of 22.595 sq.m. (5,58 acres).

Both lots are titled in the name of the owner.

The main lot is almost flat,

slightly sloping. It has a stretch of 195 metres along the road, and a total circumference of 526 metres.
The secondary

lot is slightly sloping along the road. The steepness of the slope increases up the hillside, but not more than all areas can

be reached by walking. It has a stretch of 80 metres along the road, directly across from the main lot, and a total

circumference of 425 metres.

The main lot is completely fenced with a 6 ft. high barbed wire fence. The 9 layers of

barbed wire are carried on 6x6 inch steel enforced concrete posts, with a spacing of 2,5 metres.
Along the road is a low

retaining wall of natural rocks and cement.
The secondary lot has no fence, except a simple wire fence, installed by the

neighbour, on a 204 metre stretch on the eastern side.

The sun sets behind the mountain ridge and behind large old

trees, and from approximately 3 o
This is a fully furnished house & lot with big land    area of 22,595 sqm (243,077 sq ft). House area of 432 sqm (4647 sq ft) w/ separate bldg for garage. Below are the    details;  DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY  QUIBORO MANSION    THE HOUSE    The QUI...
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