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Bulgaria is situated in the middle of Europe.
A wonderful country with an ancient past and amazingly beautiful nature. In the Bulgarian territory there are some picturesque mountains. One of them is the mountain Rhodope unusually beautiful and impressive. In these mountains there is a wonderful nature with unbelievable nature parks, landmarks, deep and evergreen forests, clear lakes and rivers. In the very heart of the Rhodope mountain is situated the complex Tchilingira by the waterside of the lake Vacha, surrounded by mountain slopes and evergreen forests. The Rhodopе Mountain has a thousand-year history. It is called also The Mountain of Orpheus by the name of the legendary Thracian singer, who lived here. It had been settled by the ancient Thracian tribes, later by the Slavic tribes. These tribes left a lot of treasures, buried of the lands of thee ancient times, a lot of historical and cultural monuments. The area around the complex Chilingira is rich of mineral springs with a curative mineral water. In the vicinity of Chilingira is Devin a famous resort and a source of mineral water with the same name, near the resort is situated also the resort Velingrad a spa centre of the Balkans, in the vicinity is also the town of Mihalkovo, where takes its source the only one natural fizzy mineral water, near to the complex Chilingira is also the village Beden, where is a lot of prehistoric caves. There is an easy access to the ski-resorts: Pamporovo, Tsigov Tchark, Tchepelare, to the beautiful localities as: Jundola, Trigradsko zhdrelo, The Wonderful bridges, Belintash, Devil bridge (Ardino), Bujnovskoto zhdrelo, Valchi skok, the natural reserve Kastrakli, the Kemerov`s bridge.
Caves: Snezhanka, the Devil Throat, the Jagodinska cave, Uchlovitsa.
Christian pilgrimage places: the Bachkovo Monastery, the Krastova gora / the Cross Forest/. The area where was built the complex Chilingira is full of game it is suitable for hunting. It is also rich of herbs, curative plants. In this place is also been extracted the famous tea called `moursalski`, helping in the medical treatment of a lot of diseases such as male potency. In the lake Vatcha which waterside is situated the complex Chilingira is a lot of fish. The place is suitable for all of the fans of fishing. In the vicinity is a mild and pleasant climate. It is a wonderful place for spa resort and rest.
On the waterside of the lake Vucha is built the complex Chilingira with the area of 7. 000 sq. m with built infrastructure. Near the Lake Vucha on the road from Krichim to Devin Hotel Chilingira is a great place to rest and easy , a great vacation in a great place with breathtaking view ,clean air ,to fish and hunting , to sport and relax .
The hotel disposes with 6 double rooms, 9 boutique double rooms, 2 triple rooms, 3 studios.
Breakfast, fitness and swimming pool included. Sport-recreating centre with two big swimming pools, fitness hall, massage rooms. There is also a conference hall, suitable for every kind of business activities. There is a restaurant with a delicious national Bulgarian national, Rhodope and European cuisine. There is a possibility of preparing a custom food. A lamb and piglet barbecue. The fresh caught fish form the lake can be prepared in the restaurant among the presence of fireplace, pleasant company, nice music and cozy atmosphere. It also been thought of the hunters and the guests of the hotel, who come to the place accompanied by their pets there is a hotel for dogs.

Hotel Modern hotel with Bulgarian traditions. Rooms with beautiful view, Bulgarian folk-style restaurant, a conference hall, spa complex, temple, VIP hall, parking lot, dog hotel.
Temple Take your piece from heaven! Temple with icons and all Bulgarian rituals included. Weddings, betrothals and many more!
Spa complex - Welcome to spa complex Chilingira! Spa packages, all types of massages, steam bath, sauna, modern fitness and two big swimming pools .All for sport and relax.
Restaurant Take your piece of heaven! Restaurant with perfect view, nice personal and traditional Bulgarian food!
Let me take you to a closer preview of the location of the spa-complex and hotel Chilingira.
Hotel rooms:
Hotel - The first wing of the hotel Chilingira includes a building with 11 double rooms, equipped with bedroom, toilet, mini bar. The rooms are situated on two floors; the third floor is in store for the staff 9 rooms with shared bathroom, toilet, and laundry with 2 boilers with capacity of 200 l.
The second wing of the hotel includes 9 big boutique rooms with LCD television sets, mini bar, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, two big triple rooms, three studios, LCD television sets, mini bar, bedroom, bathroom, toilet and additional bed.
Conference Hall is suitable for forums, presentations, seminaries, team building, company training, equipped with 35 seats, toilet and terrace.
Restaurant - In Chilingira there is a restaurant with 100 indoors seats and 150 outdoors seats, equipped with two indoor bars.
The indoor restaurant has got two floors and a VIP hall with 15 seats. The first of them serves the people, who are around the hotel pool and on the hotel beach; the second has got 150 seats and serves the people who have their coffee break on the road. The restaurant has got 2 toilets: for men and women, a service premise and a drying room, two rooms for rest for the staff with a bathroom and toilet.
Kitchen - hot kitchen, cold kitchen, dishwasher, warehouse premises for preservation of the food products. Warehouse for alcohol and wines. Warehouse for soft drinks.
Service premises - Laundry, dry cleaning store, warehouse for underwear, cleaning preparations and consumables for the hotel and restaurant. A room for the staff rest with a bathroom and a toilet. 500 l boiler supplied by sun energy heating water system and by hot steam plant of the hotel which works with bio fuel on pellets. The complex is heated by 350 kW steam generator with aluminum radiators for heat and heats the hot water in the premises and in the indoor pool in the winter.
The steam generator works with bio fuel pellets for burning in its furnace and has got a computerized control.
The building of the Outdoor Reception includes rooms for rest of the staff with bathroom and toilet on the first and on the second floor Television system for the whole complex with digital receivers, security and video vision system 25 security cameras, fire signal board.
Kiosk - built and owned by the owners of the complex Chilingira.
250 kW, with tendency to supply new buildings and towns, which will have been built in environs. Now the complex consumes 60 70 kW electrical energy monthly, the rest is a reserve and free capacity. For the water supplying was built spring water and catchments system with ten cubic meters depth in the mountains, the system flows into a water basin with a size of 12 cubic meters and through hydrophorus pomp is realized a water pressure in the complex. In the case of water insufficiency there is a second water system, which through hydrophorus pomp supplies and draws water from an artificial lake.
There is a system for drip irrigation with computerized control this system irrigates the complex gardens.
SPA centre, Outdoor pool with a beach, indoor pool with fitness centre
Outdoor pool is 25 meters long, 8 meters wide, 1, 60-1, 20 meters deep
Outdoor children pool is 0, 60 m deep
Outdoor shower, changing rooms for men and women, toilets for men and women, 40 lounges with umbrellas, 20 mini tables, outdoor bar with 6 tables and chairs, 2 rooms for the rest of the staff, with bathroom and toilet.
Indoor pool covered and heated, 10 meters long, 4 meters wide, 1,60 -1,20 meters deep.
The three pools have got a cleaning water filtering system. Filtering room.
Fitness hall with fitness equipment, trainings, a place for office manager, box sacks, relax room, warehouse premises.
Sauna, bathroom with toilets and changing rooms, massage room with massage bed, audio system, television.
Hotel for dogs - in the hotel complex Chilingira one can come with his pet or four leg hunting friend there is a hotel with four small rooms for dogs.
Temple - The temple complex in Chilingira has got a chapel and a ritual hall, monument-cross, proper for praying, divine service and rituals weddings and infant baptism.
The parking lot has got 35 places for the customers of the complex. There are additionally 35 cars cells in the outdoor parking lot.
Office parking lot.
For more information you can visit us in our Facebook profile: Hotell Chilingira Bulgaria.  Bulgaria is situated in the middle of Europe.  A wonderful country with an ancient past and amazingly beautiful nature. In the Bulgarian territory there are some picturesque mountains. One of them is the mountain Rhodope unusually beaut...
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