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House hunting in Thailand? Your search is over! This is the one!
This phenomenal, Rare, Golden Teak Palace in Chiang Mai is up for sale.
Welcome to `Sak Tong Buri`. One of the largest, most spectacular, private, golden teak mansions, in the world. This is what life is all about.
This gorgeous, brand new fairytale like palace is the Rolls Royce of Lanna architecture. It`s the granddaddy of them all. A fascinating, genuine Thai/ Lanna historic, masterpiece. Magnificently designed, with an ultra- glamorous, elegant, and imaginative interior. It`s the real deal. It`s sophisticated, yet down to earth, innovative yet simplistic, and bold, yet traditional. The estate conjures up powerful images of, Thai princes and Lanna royalty; it gives an impression of thoughtfulness distinction and elegance. . An opulent, home in harmony with nature.
This original Lanna architectural fusion style blends ancient temple themes, royal palace design, and modern spa resort concepts, with the exotic qualities of tropical Asian philosophy. Built to last, hundreds of years, using a massive amount of the finest quality, scarcest, old growth, golden teak wood, on earth.
This outstanding tropical treasure, on 25 Rai of land is up for sale, remarkably priced at an unbelievable bargain. Only 39 million Baht. That`s Right, A giant, rare, Golden Teak Palace, and 25 gorgeous Rai of land in Chiang Mai, for the almost, unheard of super cheap price of just 39 million Baht. An amazing deal, the teak alone is valued at almost that amount. (A complete list of every piece of wood used to build the house, and price breakdown is available upon request) This is a private sale/direct from the owner /sold as is, unfurnished. A Must sacrifice, as our family is moving to America. Priced, way, below, the present market value, or the cost to build it from scratch. A fraction of what you would pay anywhere else for something similar. A smart investment, and the most bang for your buck in all of Chiang Mai .Rarely does an incredible estate with this much character and personality come along in this inexpensive price range. Take advantage of this lucky find and snap this property up today.
This stunning prestigious property has great commercial, residential, and industrial potential. A fantastic investment for an eco pioneer, and the free spirited independent minded. A trophy home, for a large family, A smart purchase for the forward thinking developer, business, or corporation, and an ideal strategic acquisition for any eco conscious foundation, organization, group, charity, club, agency, or association.

Reject conformity, mediocrity is everywhere, be original, stand out and seize the moment. This striking palatial estate represents, and reflects the true essence of the Thai /Lanna tropical living lifestyle. A great investment, not only because the value of old teak has exploded over the years, but because, foreigners can own this house outright, registered, in their own name. Yes you heard me correct, foreigners have the right to own this house freehold. Not the land, but the building, and in this case, the building is where the real value is. So, purchasing a wooden teak house is one of the best, safest, easiest, and fastest ways to have full ownership of real estate for an overseas buyer in Thailand. Another advantage to owning a teak home like this is that it`s movable, exportable and transportable; it can be disassembled, sold and or moved to almost anywhere you want in the world and reassembled. A loophole, which keeps you, fully in control of your asset, increases your options and potential profit, and limits your risk. No other type of real estate in Thailand, gives you these important benefits.
An irresistible, Garden of Eden, setting, on a gently sloping, elevated hillside location. Great for entertaining, partying, and celebrating with friends, and family in a romantic atmospheric fantasy setting. A once in a lifetime opportunity, this enchanting jewel of a home can never be built again. Made entirely from some of the rarest trees on earth these dramatic extravagances cannot be duplicated any time soon. One of only a handful of golden teak palaces in the world they very seldom appear in the market place, demand is usually very high, and they are in very short supply.
This stately architecturally inviting manor, sits on an enormous foundation, its footprint is larger than half a football field. It`s conveniently and centrally located in the famous Mae Tang district (The Land of the elephants) it`s a dominating presence, an imposing elevated fortress; perched high on a hill top above the town. The home has strong, dramatic, curb appeal, makes a powerful statement ,has great presence ,and gives off an impressive status symbol aura .It`s a wonderful place to escape and hideaway from the world in solitude privacy and seclusion. It`s stunningly set in a, splendid quiet tranquil, peaceful paradise, with pretty picturesque surroundings away from it all. For a nature lover, it`s not just a home; it`s a way of life.
Only a short casual 30 minute drive to Chiang Mai, Thailand`s 2nd largest city, nicknamed (The rose of the north, and land of the mist )Chiang Mai is not just for backpackers any more ,it`s the in cultural destination not to be missed , among well off holiday makers, urban hipsters ,and affluent retirees. Conde Naste magazine voted Chiang Mai one of the best, and most livable cities in Asia, Fortune magazine rated Thailand one of the top places to retire in the world, and Travel and Leisure magazine voted Chiang Mai, the worlds second best city. Signaling a growing prominence for the city, and raising Chiang Mai`s profile, on the world stage. With award winning restaurants, bistros, cafes ,excellent golf courses, dynamic shopping malls, hospitals, schools, parks, hill tribes, exotic temples, eco activities, an international airport, and the finest nightlife and entertainment in all of northern Thailand. The home is located within the Mae Tang district, a popular, peaceful, quiet, safe, serene, foreign expat enclave, in one of Chiang Mai`s most charming village communities. This neighborhood offers a relaxed atmosphere, lively markets, friendly locals, fascinating hill tribes, fresh air, unspoiled surroundings, trekking, rafting, that legendary Thai graciousness /hospitality, and more elephants than anywhere else in Thailand. Nearby there are numerous picture perfect waterfalls, caves, exotic temples, lakes, rivers, organic farms., idyllic hot springs and legendary new age hippy villages like Pai. The climate is cool and there is hardly any traffic, and virtually no crime.
This home is made of the world`s most valuable timber. This almost extinct, rare endangered status golden teak wood, from the Mae Hong Song region near Burma is exceptionally beautiful. It`s where the world`s most famously renowned old growth golden teak comes from. This ancient timber cannot be logged commercially anymore. It`s only harvested sustainably from the district forestry department of Thailand. It`s the finest, highest quality, AAA grade wood anywhere. Its value has tripled in the last six years alone. It`s highly sought after for builders, architects, and designers and it`s one of the most desirable natural materials to work with. It`s water resistant, disease resistant, and insect resistant, and can last for hundreds of years. Used extensively, in detailing, multi- million dollars homes, and yachts, worldwide. It`s considered one of the strongest and most luxurious woods as well as one of the scarcest on earth. It`s almost impossible to find this type of old growth teak anymore in the marketplace, usually outrageously expensive and in limited supply if located. This teak has extra ordinary grain and in the sunshine it magically creates an impressive shimmering feast for your eyes, sparkling like diamonds, and when lit at night the wood gleams and glows a dreamy gold.

This house is a celebration of living in the climate rather than an attempt to lock it out. There is a dreamy mystique, a feng shue atmosphere, a heavenly ambiance, that merges with a sense of magic, passion and the mystical at every turn. There are dazzling ornate temple features, castle elements, and all types of hand carved indigenous ornamentation. A sensual kind of architecture, combining traditional themes, age old design practices and the best of modern day living. It all blends together harmoniously from excess to essence. Naturally refined, but functional and in response to the climate and environment. A certain Going Zen quality, mixed with a Wabi Sabi attitude, helps to create an intoxicating environment that emphasizes the healing power of nature. We wanted people to step back in time, yet experience something new, and distinctive, an inspiring abode that was appropriate to the sensible needs, eclectic tastes, practical wants, progressive desires and preferred indulgences of today`s international clientele.
This prized rural estate is sensational. It features a unique mix of accessibility and seclusion it`s a thought provoking, down to earth reinterpretation of a traditional Lanna home. It boasts top of the line organic materials, immaculate attention to details, and exquisite artisanship .The house is a compelling sculpture carved out of history. You`re living inside a fine work of art.
. Enjoy an exotic lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. Experience the fantasy of living like a king. This bohemian northern Thai fairytale home is alluring, interesting and visionary. It has a soulful old world feel .Made of the rarest wood on earth; it`s the quintessential Lanna teak mansion, the epitome of luxury tropical living in Chiang Mai. You`re going to fall in love with this ultra fun house, and so will your family and friends. When you own this, your home literally is your castle. It`s a fantasy come true.

You`ll experience the feeling of living like Lanna royalty, while embracing the ultimate romance of living in a palace fit for a king. It`s like a cultural vacation that never ends. You`ll enjoy the thrill of the legendary Lanna hospitality, its rich cultural heritage, ultimate Thai charm, and old fashion values from the past.

The joys, and many pleasures, of owning, this stunning home.
Live a lifestyle most people only dream about.
This property features:
-Take your breath away elevated views of painted sunsets bursting with magnificent color , endless rolling hills, open skies often filled with double rainbows ,Spectacular, unobstructed, , 360 degree panoramic views, of some of Thailand`s most beautiful mountain ranges and wild terrain.
-An enormous, authentic, temple tiled roof keeps its occupants cool and dry. It`s a natural mosaic using approximately 200,000 individually hand cut, extra thick, extra large, golden teak shingles. The iconic high steeply pitched roofs that curve elegantly, and gracefully downwards, highlights and accentuates the characteristics of Royal Lanna Style
-There is almost 20,000sq ft of extraordinary, jaw dropping, multidimensional living space, incorporating a great room large enough to host a party with several hundred guests. You`ll go wow at every turn; there are pleasant surprises around every corner. There are ingeniously designed gently swirling spiral log staircases, gleaming hardwood floors, extensive fretwork, built in bookcases , custom gold leafed doors, silver and silk décor, lacquer ware, teak crown moldings , a juice bar, superb crafted tables, bamboo blinds ,flowered window sills, giant framed mirrors, ceiling fans, air conditioning, handsome canopy poster beds, carved furniture, a formal dining terrace, glass mosaics, silk fabric drapery, rattan ,wicker chairs, integrated mini bars with rustic stools, walk In closets, secret hidden rooms ,trap doors, wooden baths, massage showers, floor rugs, statues , lanterns , fountains, hammocks, indoor gardens , ,hanging plants, artwork, vintage touches, and flower arrangements everywhere. Plus so much more
- The emphasis is placed on a fresh open air living floor plan, via hundreds of giant concertina (bi- folding and tri -folding) solid golden teak doors with tinted glass windows. Allowing for smooth transitions between the indoor outdoor living areas ,there are infinite possibilities, , the house completely opens or completely closes to nature , doing double duty, extending extra living area and allowing fresh air to flow, circulating thru the entire space, blurring the lines between the exterior and interior, while achieving maximum connection to the environment , as well as providing uncompromising comfort and giving you many diverse options to let the cool breezes and scenery in.
-There is a dream gourmet garden indoor/outdoor, step down jungle kitchen, and sunken dining area, with breakfast bar, hanging veggies, and herb window sills. Handcrafted intricately carved cabinetry, giant ancient reclaimed redwood butcher block slabs for the island, and countertops, terra cotta tile wall designs, with exquisite plaster moldings, expansive raftered ceilings and wide board plank floors, attached to a must see, solid teak lounging and observation style deck.
- The most beautiful (knock your socks off) flooring; you`ve ever seen, there are gorgeous gleaming ancient solid wall to wall wooden floors throughout. Triple grade A redwood floors to die for. Large faced golden teak floors, wide plank patchwork floors, textured hand scraped Takientont wood floors, and some floor boards that are well over two hundred years old.
- There are seven spacious bedrooms including a 3rd floor showcase penthouse suite and master bedroom, there is potential for expansion to over 25 bedrooms if desired.
- A 3 hole practice golf course, with sand traps, and putting green .Invite your friends over for a few rounds of golf on your own private golf course
- A basketball court, maids quarters, a 3 room school house, with tropical jungle gym, a kid`s playground area, outdoor theatre and stage and au pair cottage. A guitar shaped kiddy pool, and waterfall fountain
-A giant, exotic ,free flight aviary (birdcage) which can double as a botanical garden , atrium, butterfly farm, zoo, arboretum, biosphere, monkey cage, or greenhouse .
-A 2 story gazebo, with breathtaking views, recycled from an old rice barn, can easily be converted to a bungalow, detached guest or mother in-laws quarters
-A self watering multitier garden, with functioning rice paddy terraces, aquatic plants, lotus, lilies, orchids and sprawling grass lawn ,with gutters that channel rain water into organic gardens.
-A fruit orchard, with 100 year old mango trees, a variety of delicious bananas, papayas, coconuts, jackfruits, star fruits, tamarind, and so many more.
-3 floors of unbelievable, mesmerizing, living space, plus a 4th floor library and meditation mezzanine
-2 spectacular solid teak and redwood matching spiral staircases built into majestic massive golden teak columns, there`s an impressive soaring entranceway with extra thick solid teak stairways and carved wood railings from Burma
-50 tremendous, rare, gigantic columns that run curvilinear thru the entire house. (Some almost 300 years old) These hand peeled towering grand pillars, are left in raw rustic shapes, and are a main focal point and centerpiece of the mansion.
- There are large balconies, verandas, decks, terraces and garden patios, filled with indigenous landscape materials and flourishing native wild flowering plants, all with intoxicating views eat for stargazing, private dining parties, gatherings, and more
- Your own stimulating, and rejuvenating, Traditional Thai herbal steam sauna,
- A one acre private tropical pond to relax and enjoy a laid back free time lifestyle.
- An extra deep artesian water well, an additional government water connection, high speed internet access, telephone, and satellite TV installed.
-There is an awesome tree house office that overhangs a cliff, overlooking farms, rice fields and a charming Thai village, downstairs there`s a den and media center, with 360 degree sweeping views, and sufficient room to be playful, or chill out.
-5 tasteful natural rain shower bathrooms, lavished with inlaid granite, marble floors, mosaic tiles and warm soothing wooden spa bathtubs
- Extensive romantic atmospheric recessed lighting, and cleverly hidden electricity. Hundreds of, dimming down lights, halogen spot lights, and dramatic multicolor light- scaping. European Chandeliers, hanging Loi Katong lanterns, and outdoor solar lights that illuminate at night.
- Prized hand finished golden teak walls, lightly stained using 9 ft long panel boards so beautiful you`ll invite your friends over just to stare at the walls..
-Sensational soaring vaulted ceilings of various, expansive height levels, ranging from 12 ft to 25 ft. Rich crown molded ceilings throughout, using four different ceiling styles, and dramatic archways everywhere
- High quality paints, stains, varnishes, shellacs, urethane, locks, finishes, hardware, etc
-Numerous garden coves, remarkable outdoor living areas , Zen like water features, pathways, fountains ,vignettes` ,glazed vases, , giant boulders, statues, planters, sandstone motifs, stepping stones, stonework, spirit house shrine , colorful stained glass, masonry, a sandy volleyball court, wood trunk garden chairs, lifeguard chairs, Asian gongs, wind chimes, Bells, Tree swings, painted umbrellas, rock gardens, tiki torches, benches, golf course landscaping and many other decorative yardifacts surrounded by an abundance of nature
- Superior engineering with reinforced concrete and steel base built to high international standards
-Organic farm, veganic (no animal waste) veggie gardens, and elephant dung flower beds
-Giant wild bamboo privacy walls, a bat cave like driveway, and three access entrances
- A striking golden teak pergola, with trellis, vibrant bougainvilleas, hanging plants, herbs, and flower wreath arrangements everywhere. A great place to relax and bliss out in nature
-Many hand carved one of a kind, double sided decorative solid teak pocket doors with a hint of Balinese design and eight meticulously hand carved decorative oversized windows that tell the history of Lanna culture. Every frame in the house is made of solid golden teak
- Vast meadows and open fields of natural beauty with large spaces for playing sports, soccer, football, and baseball.
-An outdoor fire pit, barbeque, fireplace and wood burning pizza/ bread oven
- Attractive bamboo fencing, Security booths, footpaths, hiking trails, meditation spots, treatment areas, and lush landscaped gardens.
-An assortment of natural huts made from bamboo, rice hulls, tobacco leaves, jute, reeds, and bails of hay.
-A high Tec communications learning center, home theatre and multimedia room, and plenty of space for a gym and fitness equipment
-And much, much more.

You can easily turn this property into a great business.
The following is a partial list of projects, or possible uses that are naturally well suited for this property.
You can have;
1-A stylish and trendy, culturally authentic eco-friendly boutique resort and spa
2 A distinctive guesthouse, a charming bed and breakfast, an exquisite home stay, or an intimate and enchanting hotel, with potential to accommodate large tours with more than 25 bedrooms
3 An atmospheric restaurant, dramatic catering hall, theater, classy nightclub, or versatile event venue
4 A down to earth, healing, yoga and meditation retreat, a center for enlightenment or a modern spiritual movement
5 An avante –garde, cutting edge, alternative therapies naturopathic learning, and wellness academy
6 A prestigious private international school, a satellite campus, or training facility
7 An unusual, corporate headquarters, and amazing main office, great for workshops, exhibits, conferences seminars, and meetings.
8 An incredibly unique holistic veganic health farm, a great place to balance body, mind, and spirit
9 A, harmonic spiritual or religious community, an eclectic church, temple, or utopian colony
10 An original, action oriented, interactive, youth hostel that sleeps over 100 in the main house
11 A highly functioning, factory, and oversized warehouse with endless possibilities
12 A chalet style concert pavilion, festival grounds, or movie set location
13 A hip, exciting, eco learning tourism adventure oriented, sleep away camp.
14 A classic Lanna style antiques museum, and distinctive private art gallery
15 Your own personal, exclusive, golf course villa, and sports club compound.
16 A safe, practical, self sufficient, self contained, self sustaining, frontier survival homestead
17 A natural elephant safari habitat, a magnificent private zoo, an animal preserve sanctuary
18 An irresistibly inviting, playboy mega- mansion, and elaborate, compound.
19 A cleverly positioned, highly desirable, custom built, bright and cheery luxury holiday estate, in the high end, upscale marketplace. With strong rental potential
20 An elegant, one of a kind, chateau built of exceptional quality for large extended families that like to entertain, have lots of friends /kids/relatives and love healthy living
21 A primitive cool organic farm, fruit orchard, botanical gardens, and or plantation.
22 A cool northern retreat, a home base in Asia, a quick get away for Bankokians , . A personal sanctuary, a central command base camp , a retirement haven a private hideaway, a luxury holiday home ,a great place to escape or drop out of society, go off grid, disappear, reinvent and transform yourself, recharge your batteries and reenergize your life, a refuge to write your novel, build your empire, expand your international real estate portfolio ,and practice random acts of kindness. This is a show stopper, showcase home for dreamers, non conformists, overachievers`, hedonists, adventurists, narcissists, prim donnas, megalomaniacs, celebrities, eccentric types and people with an appetite for the unique. (Bragging rights included!)
It has been called many things, a `Golden Teak Palace`, a `King Sized Mega Mansion`, a `Million Dollar Tree House`, now you can call it home. Are You Ready?
For more information, photographs, video clips, or for a tour of the house, call us right now at 081 816 2066 or at our New York office at 646 201 9216 or email or visit our at
Chanote title, Freehold or Leasehold terms available
House hunting in Thailand? Your search is over! This is the one!  This phenomenal, Rare, Golden Teak Palace in Chiang Mai is up for sale.  Welcome to `Sak Tong Buri`. One of the largest, most spectacular, private, golden teak mansions, in the world. This is what life is all about.  This gorgeous, brand new fairytale li...
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