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NIO16,899,807  Plot of land Chinandega

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The first property is in the municipality of CHINANDEGA,

near the border with HONDURAS, have an area of 3, 132 Has equivalent to 7, 831 acres.

The geography of the land is

flat, without any vegetation with a fertile ground, super abundate superficial water, and the underground water is

approximately to 1 m of depth.

Possible activities to develop given its characteristics:
1. - AGRICULTURIST, seeded

sugar cane, rice etc. 40 years ago
2. - CATTLE RANCH, can be used for development and growth of young animals. In order of

mother cows for milking purposes “minimum green grass 7 months of the year “at time of nonrain in the region.
3. -

POTENTIAL NATURAL BREEDING of tilapia of the Nile or any species that it requires of fresh water in ponds and lagoons of many

that are in the property.
4. - BREEDING OF ALLIGATORS, crocodiles, anacondas with object of commercialization of skins in

conditions of raising similar to those of Florida or Venezuela.
5. - FOR CINEGETIC USE, in hunting of ducks, Canadian

goose, migratory doves and some other birds.
6. - FOREST USE for any species that uses water in superabundance or to

implement a system of drainage for one better use of the resource water.

Financial adjustments:
1. – sale or rent

total or partial
2. - Association (joint-venture) with people who contribute with working capital and technology.
3. -

Possibilities of credit
4. - Negotiable Price for people with a real interest.

Papers in rule legal 100%, without

deserving burdens nor.

The second property this in the LEON municipality, with a surface of 306 Ha, or 766 acres. The

ideal and present activity according to its characteristics is agricultural use, in the 2006 peanut was planted and at this

time, the land its cultivated with sorghum. The financial adjustment is he himself who the property of above


Note: the maps belongs to the property of 3, 132 Has. The two property are located in the municipalities of

Chinandega and Leon respectively, in which the U.S.A government is investing up to USD 175 million under the account

CHALLENGE OF THE MILLENIUM to equip the municipalities with infrastructure, highways, electricity and legal security in the

land property.

regional map chinandega