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Dechtice - Little village 58 km away from the capital city

Bratislava and 18km away from the district town of Trnava from one side unfriendly nuclear power-plant Jaslovske Bohunice

from the other side glamorously beautiful valley hemmed with mountain range of Male Karpaty (Small Carpathians).


above the village not far away from a little church which is a rare and outstanding architectonic treasure in Slovakia a

little hill protrudes with a growth of young pines which were planted by still living inhabitants of Dechtice. They call this

little wood Borièky (phonetic: BOHREETCHKEE). When you walk up a little path between the vineyards and get in the wood the

glance over the picturesque village will close behind you and a path covered with grass will shine green before you trimmed

by bushes of wild roses which in the spring form a rose flowered alley going up to the hill top.

These white-pink wild

roses which in the autumn change into red colored hips which in turn remind us of rosary beads together with young pines form

a vault of a natural temple on the sides with relief showing the suffering of Jesus Christ. When you get up from the kneeling

position at the fourteenth station a fascinating glance at a beautiful cross exceeding the top of surrounding pine trees will

greet you. The body of Christ on the cross was created by a great master for sure. This cross was erected here above the

village in 1950 by the inhabitants of Dechtice as a thanksgiving for God s help during the II. world war.

And just

here by the cross She – the one appears here She who introduced herself as Blessed Virgin Mary – QUEEN OF HELP.


hill as Mother of God revealed to children has reminded her of her son s Way of the Cross. And the little church which we

mentioned earlier – reminded her of Bethlehem.

If you went to the other side of the hill you would find yourself at a

little water spring. The water was blessed by Virgin Mary. From the spring in the direction to the village it is only a small

distance to a little grass covered hill called Svatodušnica – (phonetic: Shvahtohdooshneetsah) – this means: a hill of the

Holy Spirit. (Nobody from the oldest living inhabitants can remember since when they started to call it this way). A statue

of the Lord Jesus is on the top of the hill in a glass closed shrine with the inscription PEACE. (Slovak – „POKOJ“ phonetic:


The simplicity of this little shrine and of the cross standing a few meters away from it and the perfect

beauty of the lookout into the valley as if closed up the modesty and beauty of QUEEN OF HELP who chose just this hill

Svatodušnica for the second place of apparitions.

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