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We represent the best real estate developments in the country and we want to offer you

a once in a lifetime investment in paradise. To buy real estate in Costa Rica is a different process than in your home

country. Factors to consider are language barriers and unfamiliarity with local laws and procedures so we will like to make

an alliance with you so we can help you do business and investments with no risk in Costa Rica. I will like to ask you a few

questions that are very important before I recommend some properties:

1. How much are you planning to


2. Do you want to develop or just buy land for investment or a flip over?

3. Do you prefer, beach

front, ocean front or ocean view?

4. Do you prefer North Pacific, Central Pacific or South Pacific?

5. If it is

real estate, do you prefer condos, gated communities, free standing rent or to live in?


include any other detail that can be of help so I can send you a perfect match for your needs!

Just a few

facts from our country:

In 2004, 1.4 million tourists visited Costa Rica. 1.8 million Tourists will be arriving in

The biggest tourism market in Costa Rica comes from USA with a 66%, followed by the European market with a 17%.

Real Estate Projects are positioned like a much desired product by the foreign market.
We receive from USA, 60% of

the resources orientated to the acquisition of Real Estate. Europe and Canada constitute the following regions in order of

relative importance.
The real estate investment dynamism responds initially to the inflow of foreigners, with the desire

to vacation and invest on a second home or condominium on the coastal areas of the Pacific in a paradise called Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a little more than a five-hour flight from Los Angeles, and just over two hours from Miami.
Clearly the

close proximity, political stability and favorable economic condition lend itself to a quality second home or retirement

Costa Rica real estate is a wonderful investment. Developers will find many opportunities in tourist projects

and other development projects. Prices have begun to appreciate recently and we anticipate a further rise in the


Costa Rica s business environment welcomes and fosters foreign investment, whether in real estate or other

business pursuits. There are generally no restrictions for foreign entities or individuals in acquiring property or

conducting business in Costa Rica. A foreign investor is free to enter into local contracts and enjoys the same protection as

any national citizen. For real estate purchases, this essentially means that everyone, Costa Rican nationals, foreign

residents and even non-residents can own property in Costa Rica.

Types of property ownership: As in the

United States, Canada or Europe, there are different types of property available to buyers, which can be owned on a personal

capacity or through a corporation; regardless of the owner s nationality. Following is a summary of each type of property

ownership available in the country.

Fee Simple: The most common and comprehensive form of real estate ownership in

Costa Rica is fee simple ownership. The conditions and regulations for this type of ownership are the same for Costa Rican

nationals as they are for foreigners. The notion of fee simple ownership is the same in Costa Rica as in the United States,

Canada or Europe; namely, fee simple ownership gives the owner of the property the absolute right to materially own the

property, use it, enjoy it, sell it, lease it, improve it, among other things, subject only to conditions outlined in Costa

Rican Laws, such as zoning regulations.

Condominiums: Condominium property ownership is another form of fee simple

ownership, but usually carries it a few additional restrictions set forth by the developer, such as architectural guidelines,

land use restrictions, and other limitations that may be placed on branch property. For the most part, condominium laws are

designed to protect integrity of a development and maintain the `look and feel` of the project. Most residential gated

communities and residential buildings in Costa Rica are organized as condominiums. Typically, each Condominium development

has its own by-laws containing all applicable conditions, restrictions and regulations applicable to owners in such


Concessions in the Shoreline Zone: All land up to 50 meters (about 55 yards) from the ocean tide line is

public property and thus can not be sold or purchased. Land from 50 to 200 meters (about 220 yards) is concession land, which

is not owned, but leased from the local municipality. This is governed by the Shoreline Zone Law (Law No. 6043) and other

specific regulations from local municipalities and the Costa Rican Tourism Board(ICT). These legal provisions establish f the

conditions under which foreigners and local residents can lease concession property.

The Government grants this right

by means of a private agreement between concessionaire and municipality that is recorded in a Public Property Registry. This

agreement also establishes a yearly concession fee that is paid based on an appraisal performed by the Government. Most

concessions and management plans are granted for 20 years. Renewal for equal and consecutive periods is negotiated between

private parties and the corresponding government authority; such renewal is usually based on the concessionaire s ability to

comply with its original commitments and obligations during the previous agreement.

Please let me know how

can I assist you.

We represent the best real estate developments in the country and we want to offer you    a once in a lifetime investment in paradise. To buy real estate in Costa Rica is a different process than in your home    country. Factors to consider are language barriers and unfamiliarity with local laws and procedure...
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