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Item Plan
According to international practice the formation of a common standard text format, the project plan, a comprehensive introduction to the operation of companies and projects to explain product market and competition and risks of future development prospects and financing requirements of the book.
confidentiality undertaking: The project plan covers trade secrets, only investors with investments in the public interest. Without her consent shall not be open to third parties involved in this project plan trade secrets.
Name of company: Lastchance Investing Company
Contact : Mr. Xiaoguang Zhang
Phone : 86 134 3208 6284; 86 131 4386 8274
Fax : 852 6520 8274
E-mail :
Address : Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower,Mong Kok,Kowloon,Hong Kong
Project : five star synthesized commercial apartments
We are looking for the first capital funds

The details :
I just had ordered four apartments in our city, China Guangzhou,they are the best commercial apartments in one five star synthesized commercial 51 floors building, 208 meters high,so I said this is one best investment one is better than this building in my city .
Only this chance, never again.
The 51 floors building of five stars commercial apartments has been doing there , next year , before the Asia Game , it will be finished.
The first 5 floors are engaged by one big market, then from 6 to 32 floors are the office rooms,from 33 to 49 floors are the commercial apartments,One floor are shared 36 sets apartments, ,only 10 floors are for the public sale, others are some hotel, office rooms ,clubs,government ordered, swiming pool.
This 51 floors building located in the center of this city, specially the subway is under his basement!!All of the living conditions are convenient.
If now order, the investors can earn the 10% profit, only within one year, because it just start to be on the sale.
One apartment costs 45 square meter X 3,000 to 5,000 us dollars, just now today , begin to offer the order contracts.
This is not the venture investment. because the rent is 800 us dollar per month ! And the value of these apartments must rise as soon as it finished , it will be sure these apartments `value rise much more than our is the best item without risk for the investors.
if you need video and photos , I will send to you.
Need funds:
My seed is four sets.
I need to buy 10 to 36 sets .one set cost 200,000 us dollars. The total will be from 2,000,000 us dollars to 7,200,000 us dollars.
Explain the details and conditions :
1, this is the Guangzhou government support item
2, no other competitive party or building
3, sole five star synthesized commercial building with the subway under its basement
4, in the city centre, big cross road.
5, very modern equipments inside of this building.
6, 12 sets elevators high speed
7, cross the building is one big hospital.

Market Feature :

1¡¢to rent to the small companies
2¡¢to rent to the foreign businessmen in Guangzhou of china.
3¡¢five year profits will be 25% except the estate value rising.
4¡¢much more buyers will be there after this building finished.
5¡¢will be short for the buyer, will be the seller market.
6, The china economic situation support this sale.
7, the recent situation shows strong in the future, special the one year later.
8, Wholesale when the estate rise 25% at least.
regional map guangzhou