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  • €420,000
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Plot for sale of about 995 sqm in the suburb of Oreokastro of Thessaloniki.
The suburb of Oreokastro , ,GR-57013, is one of the nicest and new developed suburbs of Thessaloniki where the middle and upper class of Thessaloniki resides.
The plot itself is actually an undivided percentage of 11.75% of a big plot of about 8500 sqm . The plot`s id number is 579. The percentage equals to about 995sqm. This land which was before agricultural area near Oreokastro , has now been included by law in the new plans of the municipality of Oreokastro. It is now in the procedure of developing the urban plans (roads, parks , schools etc).
You may inform yourself from the technical department of the municipality. The phone of the municipality is 0030 2313 304000.
If you wish to have a legal opinion you may contact one of the English speaking lawyers in .
The disadvantage is that you cannot build now , you can build only when the procedure is finished. However the big advantage is that it is a smart investment because the present selling price is 420.000 Euro . When the procedure is finished it will be worth much more. So your investment gives you sure profit . And bigger profit than any sure, no risk, investment or bank deposit could ever give.
I would not sell it now, I would wait till the urban plants would be ready and its value will be much bigger. However, unfortunately,the needs of the family make me change my plants.
Tasos Orfanidis 00306985061349
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