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Brgy. San Isidro, Las Navas, Northern Samar
To bolters the eco-tourism in the Pinipisakan Falls which is suitable for hiking, swimming, boating, diving and other water sports activities; as well as a theme park and to increased the socio-economic condition of the province, the regional and national as well.
This project will be operated like any vacation-recreational facility to serve the public. It will generate income thorough rental and patronizing the services inside the facility.

The proposed Pinipisakan Resort is intended for the vacationers that come to Northern Samar, especially the tourists who came from far places. In which it makes them hard to travel back to their homes. According to the Provincial Tourism Office as of  --(Phone number)-- , tourists arrivals totaled 500,000 with more are coming in at summer time. The marketing scheme for this will be advertisements, flyers, and streamers or banners.
Services - the proposed project will be serving a food and hospitality good services to tourists and vacationers.
The target market share is estimated 70% because of good facilities and services that provided of this proposed project. It is only resort that could satisfy the needs and wants of the tourists-vacationers or consumers. While the remaining 30% are shared with the domestic tourists.
The Department of Tourism Northern Samar revealed a registry of about 980,000 balikbayans and tourists which are potential patrons to the in-land resort.
Television and advertisement will be employed to gain worldwide exposure that will draw in more foreign tourists. And with the help of the Provincial Tourism Office of Northern Samar.
Promotion – promoting the business venture is through posters, streamer, and Catalogues. It will be placed on populated areas, ad for every commercial building for accessibility for that promotion. Then, it will also promote the advertisement in the ratio that one strategy in promoting business.
Pinipisakan is ideal for amateur swimmers and eco-lovers.
The demand for the services is year round having its peak during warm months of April to October.
Please see `Annex A`
Since there is already a cell phone signal in the locality and a cell site construction underway, the administrative division of the resort shall have high-tech communication facilities and their function hall shall be equipped with audio-visual facilities such as LCD and sound system, internet and cable connections for television and other forms of entertainment.
Transportation facilities are available via water, land and air. A motorboat is available if one chooses the river route; jeepneys and motorcycles will be the options for land route, and the more affluent ones who have a chartered plane, there is an abandoned air strip of the closed logging company is available for small aircraft landings.
The projects site will adopt the cultural heritage of the area, it cuisine to be serve to the clientele. An space will be provided for display about the cultural heritage of the municipality as well as the province.
The resort will follow the segregation scheme prescribed by R.A. 9003 as implemented in the Barangay level. The segregation scheme will be one garbage receptacles for biodegradable, one for non-biodegradable (recyclable) and another separate receptacle for non-biodegradable (residual). The guests will put their garbage according to this scheme so that eco-aides designated by the barangay chairman will continue picking up their segregated materials for the barangay Materials Recovery Facility.
The Pinipisakan Resort will employ at least 18 persons to be part of the business operation. This will include the manager/caretaker, who will undertake the overall operation, a bookkeeper on retainer basis, and 2 maintenance workers who will assist and maintain the cleanliness of the facilities inside and outside.

regional map brgy san isidro, las nvas, northern samar