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SALE building in CONSTANTA ,
Central area,50 metres from Mamaia

Blvd- main avenue, one bus station from Tomis shopping center.
Building with 4 levels, new construction, 2006. western

vision, all high quality materials, as follow in details:
first floor: 2 big rooms for offices:

one room area 64.27 sqm,( 691.54 sqft) with toilette and office
- 2nd room: area: 55.94 sqm (

601.91 sqft)with bathroom and kitchen
second floor - 2 big rooms for offices:
-a office area

87.50 sqm; ( 941,50 sqft) with bathroom and kitchen
-a office area.56.03sqm2; ( 602.88 sqft) with

bathroom and kitchen
third floor a big room for office, one apartment with 2 rooms

office area 87.50 sqm2; (941.50 sqft) with bathroom and small kitchen
- apartment 56.03 sqm2,

(602.88 sqft) with bathroom and kitchen
-balcony- 7.35 sqm (79.08 sqft)
forth floor: one

apartment with 4 rooms and one apartment (like office) with 2 rooms
-apartment with 4 camere supr.

99.35 sqm2,( 1069.00 sqft) cu 2 bathroom,
kitchen, balcony supr. 7.35 sqm2-(79.08) fully

-one apartment 2 rooms area. 56.51 sqm2,( 608.04 sqft) - full furnished

with bathroom and kitchen -furnished
All office use metan gas pipe for kitchen and heating.
The building

heating metan gas pipe, current 380V
4 thermal station, maxim confort, very good thermal insulation -

by polistiren , minerale cotton on the top of rooms and roof.
Roof covered by green steel,german kind, named

Bigs and plenty windows,and PVC-termopan German. Same the doors.
hight quality, dark oak color.
Over all

,gritstone and faience,hight quality, made in Spain ,
3rd floor covered by carpet and is rustic style.

cable,internet,video surveillance.
Open place (courtyard):: -about 60 sqm,(645.60 sqft)place pentru 2 cars, in emergency

, 3 cars.
Courtyard lined by Alucobond (Etalbond) aluminum- made in Greece .
The front lined by

same alucobond aluminiu.,2 colors,metallic grey , si gun metallic(shampagne)
Whole overall walls the building is painted

in nice and durable color.
Gangway house, well and nice arranged., inox railways, and side covered by


In the front of house,on the street, nice stones.
Entrance: one entrance direct from the street

in the front office.
One entrance from the gate, then entrance into the house gangway.

From gangway house, separate entrance to each office/each apartment.
: 8 spaces displayed as I explained:: 5 offices + 3

apartments., or 6 offices plus 2 apartments.
Basement, area.45.87 sqm2(493.56 sqft), hight, all arranged for safety stores

for any goods
The wall-brick - covered by minerale cotton,on the top polistiren

covered by gips-cartoon paint.
Gangway house: 29 sqm2 (312.04 sqft)
Survey and land map register completed/ up

Summary- TOTAL area:
- Offices..............351.24 M2 (3779.34 sqft)
- Apartment:
  SALE building in CONSTANTA ,  Central area,50 metres from Mamaia    Blvd- main avenue, one bus station from Tomis shopping center.  Building with 4 levels, new construction, 2006. western    vision, all high quality materials, as follow in details:  first floor: 2...
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