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TRY793,066  Apartment / Flat Alanya

  • TRY793,066
  • (EUR 51,000)
  • Apartment / Flat
  • For Sale 
  • Alanya
  • turkey Flag Turkey
Year of construction: 2007
The number of blocks in the complex: 1
The number of floors in the block: 6
The flor of the flat: 2
The number of flats in trhe building: 21
The number of flets on the flor: 3
General number of flats in the complex: 21

Sea: yes partly
Mountains: yes
Flat: yes
City: yes

Gas: no
Elektrycity: yes
Editional jenerator of elektrycity: no
a) cold: yes
b) hot: yes
c) drink: no
Canalization: yes
Telephone: no
f no, is there a possibility to make a telephone line: yes
Internet: no
If no, is there a possibility to make: yes

Securyty stuff: no
Camera: no
Alarm: no
f no, is there a possibility to make: yes
Diafon system: no
Reception: no

Elevator: yes

The description of the flat:
General number of rooms: 3
General number of bed-rooms: 2
General number of living rooms: 1 with american kitchen
General number of bathrooms: 2
General number of lavatories: 2
General number of balconies: 2
General number of terasses: no
Store room: no
Loundry room: no
Ironing room: no
Dressing room: no

General area:
Bed-room1: 14.4 m2
Bed-room2: 13 m2
Living-room: 34 m2 with american kitchen
Bathroom1: 6 m2 with toilet
Bathroom2: 3 m2 withroom
Hall: 5 m2
Balcony1: 7.8 m2
Balcony2: 21.4 m2
Windows: double glazing
Doors: steel(entrance door), american panel
Floor: ceramic tile
Walls: concrete covered with plaster
The sickness of outside walls: 20 sm
The sickness of inside walls: 10 sm
Ceiling: covered with plaster
Ceiling`s heighness: 2.75 m
Outside decoration:plaster with decorative tile
The degree of outside decoration: ready
Inside decoration: plaster
The degree of inside decoration: ready
Furniture: no
White goods: yes, air conditioners in all the rooms
f yes, their condition: new
Bathroom aksesuares: yes
If yes, their condition: new
Water counter: yes
Elektrisity counter: yes

The description of the territory nearby:
Parking area: yes
If yes, the number of car places: 10
Garage: no
Special territory
Sauna: no
Fitness-salon: no
Pool: yes
Tenis court: no
Berbeque: no
Children park area: infront of the building yes, there is also a garden

Services fort he flat owners: no

General description of the district:
Bus stop: 100 m
Supermarket: 100 m
Petrol station: 1 km
Bank: 700 m
Bankomat: 700 m
Post: 700 m
Places for rest: 300 m
Beach: 300 m
Bus station: 1 km
Airport: 130 km
Park: 10 m
Police station: 300 m
Hospital: 1 km
Embassy: Ankara
Sightseeings: yes
Excursion and rest possibilities: any
Entertainment centres: 300 m

Payment for month: 25
Payment for year: 300
Tax payment: no information

The other owners in the block: Turkey, Norway, Danmark

Earth quark stability: 6 points according to Richter2 scale
Sound-izolation: yes
Waterresistance: yes
World part situation:

ETC: all floors with heating
Year of construction: 2007  The number of blocks in the complex: 1  The number of floors in the block: 6  The flor of the flat: 2  The number of flats in trhe building: 21  The number of flets on the flor: 3  General number of flats in the complex: 21    View: &nbs...
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