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I will sell the beautiful boarding house in the Karpacz city.
Karpacz is an all-year-round tourism.
It is a Sudeten mountains, it is Karkonosze mountains, it is a top Œnie¿a, it is a unique atmosphere.
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I will sell the holiday house consisting of two detached buildings on the solar parcel 2 .

The entire area is a big garden with the allocated playground for children and with grill for adults.
A big, natural waterfall is in a background of the garden. The area of premises from three sides is closed by the wall of natural mountain stones. South border plots are a mountain stream with the picturesque waterfall. Beautiful luxuriant green, wonderful spruces and noble bushes are guaranteeing nice rest in the garden.
The object is put by a main road to the town Karpacz, a few minutes from the city centre.
On account of the beneficial and beautiful location - everyone going with this road the tourist at first here is enquiring about the possibility of accommodation. Therefore the boarding house all through the year has hotel guests.
There are a closed car park and two separate underground garages in premises.
Putting the small hotel is giving to the possibility of real rest in surrounding the nature without giving up from attractions offered by large tourist centres - Karpacz or
Jelenia Góra.

Two detached houses are included in a boarding house
The first house about the 145m2 area has:
- all media, central heating (gas)
- underground garage,
-1 room, 5 bedrooms (double)
- of underground-technical rooms.
- holiday entrance hall
- big bathroom with the bathtub, the shower and the toilet
- separate toilet
- big entrance hall behind the main entry
- kitchen with the dining room
- two holiday fairs
- big – terrace with the view on the entire Karkonosze mountains and the top Œnie¿ka
- big balcony
All rooms fully are equipped

This house is being used as luxury apartments for 6, 8 or 12 persons

Home from home about the 365m2 area has:
- all media, central heating with the heating stove to coal (with the feeder)
- underground garage
- 10 bedrooms (double)
- entrance hall with a stairwell
- 6 bathrooms (by bedroom)
- one great bathing peace with the bathtub, the shower and the space for washing devices
- one great peace four or six-person.
- big terrace fitted with glass (winter)
- living room with the fireplace
- two office rooms
- kitchen
- terrace with the beautiful steel balustrade
- two representative accesses to the building with wide stairs.

From the terrace going the garden around to the area is.

Opposite all windows of the object a unique panorama of mountains, forests and the river is stretching with the picturesque waterfall.

Karpacz city and his surroundings, it is a stomping ground of sport and rest for people loving the beauty and mountains, for tourists from entire Europe

It is simply excellent the space for year-long rest and the relaxation.
I will sell the beautiful boarding house in the Karpacz city.  Karpacz is an all-year-round tourism.  It is a Sudeten mountains, it is Karkonosze mountains, it is a top Œnie¿a, it is a unique atmosphere.  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *    I will sell the holiday house consisti...
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