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We at Berlin Realty are glad to be of service to you and your family.
We thank you for the opportunity to introduce Berlin realty.
Please allow me to give you a bit of our background.
Berlin`s staff has serving the expatriate community in Taipei for over 20 years, and we were the first to employ an experienced western expatriate to assist our foreign clientele in obtaining housing accommodations appropriate to their needs.
We provide an informal but thorough overall service for newly arriving clients. This includes:
1. A review of housing needs, dependent on budget , family size, preference, schooling needs, available family transport, activities and other personal factors.
2. A review of educational facilities, and requirements.
3. Assistance to the spouse in locating household furnishing, appliances, handymen¡­,etc.
4. A review of available food markets, by housing area, particularly those catering to western palates.
5. An overview of the Taipei lifestyle including relationships with our Chinese host/neighbors, local entertainment, restaurants, shopping¡­,etc.
6. An introduction to the wonderful expatriate community of Taiwan, which has consistently welcomed new arrivals and eased any possible cultural shocks.

Once again we welcome you to Taiwan and hopefully you will give Berlin Realty a chance to be at your service.
We are as an agent. We do charge broker fee.

Thank you very much.

Berlin Realty
TEL: +886-2-27171130
Elva Hsu : +886-968101270
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