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  • BZ$ 35,809
  • (USD 17,770)
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Development  2 bedrooms
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  • Campa Pita
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A Prestigious, Private Caribbean Waterfront Community on the Cerros Peninsula in Corozal, Belize.

Cerros Sands Limited is proud to offer Cerros Sands, a fully zoned, deed-restricted, deep-water channel accessed mixed-use residential community.

We invite you to consider exploring this fantastic opportunity to live, work or play in one of the premier planned communities in all of Belize. Whether you are considering the purchase of a primary home, second home, retirement, investment or recreational property, Cerros Sands offers it all.

The developer presents model homes on Beachfront, Beachview and Channelside parcels (with allowance for your own private dock), in addition to various commercial business opportunities intended to both support and add value to the Cerros Sands community at large. Imagine all of the Caribbean at your doorstep plus all of the conveniences of home in a setting most people can only dream about.

As of December 7th 2008, we are proud to offer to you a Pre-Construction Pricing Program for The Villa`s at Cerros Sands. This 22 unit Beachfront condominium / resort development will be situated on a premier parcel at Cerros Sands. It is sure to be one of the best dollar- for-dollar values offered anywhere in the Caribbean. Each of these stunning 1200 and 1350 (interior square foot units) are currently pre-construction priced at $117,700, and $137,770 respectively. We are proud to announce that The Villa`s will be 100% solar powered (with provision for back-power) and thus completely off the grid.

Complete financing packages are available for land purchases and/or single family home construction. The developer fully cooperates with Brokers and Realtors.

The Cerros Sands community is conveniently located 11 miles southeast of Corozal Town, where the Mayan Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico meets the `Belizean Riviera`, composed of astonishingly diverse inland, coastal and tropical island wonders. Consider berthing your boat or yacht in a serene, sheltered and utterly convenient harborage located at your very own dream home in one of the most beautiful islet coastal settings in Belize. Adding to your convenience is the community`s proximity to Chetumal, the largest and most rapidly growing city on the Southern Mexico.

Until recently, the `Cerros Peninsula` had remained virtually uninhabited since the Golden Age of the Maya, circa 900 AD. Several Mayan Pyramids still stand in the jungle southwest of Cerros Sands. Although they have been officially `discovered` and much of the site remains undisturbed, there are undoubtedly more relics and treasures to be found. Centuries later, Christopher Columbus (or, according to some, Cortez) became the first European to discover Cerros. Possessed at various times by the Spanish, Dutch and English, the area is rich in history. The region was also well known to both Caribbean pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries as well as to whalers in the 19th century.

Subsequent to the commencement of our community at Cerros Sands, we have seen a dramatic and consistent rediscovery of the Cerros Peninsula which has led to a beehive of new development activity on the peninsula, as well as in other nearby locations.

Why Invest in Belize?

Map of Belize

Belize is the only country south of the Continental United States where English is the official language of the land.
Belize enjoys the benefits of a stable, parliamentary, democratic central Government.
Belize offers a stable economic climate. The Belizean dollar is pegged to the US dollar at an exchange rate of $2 BZE/$1US.
Belize`s legal system is based on the western legal system English civil and common law. Property is held in Fee Simple Title. Title insurance is available.
Belize is easily and affordably accessible.
Belize is a substantially unspoiled country, one of the eco-tour capitals of the world and better than one half of its land mass is permanently protected.
Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, rivaled only by Australia`s Great Barrier Reef.
Belize represents some of the strongest potential land investment returns in the western hemisphere.

A Premier Waterfront Community Beachfront 49K, Beach-view 17K, Channel 29K (with allowance for a deep water dock), Commercial parcels available with financing. Our has all the details
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This property is located 11 miles from Corozal Town on the Cerros Maya Peninsula.

Great private area with sea breezes.

Condo`s on the resort parcel are slated to start for 117K. These are 2 bedroom beachfronts of 1200 square foot.
A Prestigious, Private Caribbean Waterfront Community on the Cerros Peninsula in Corozal, Belize.    Cerros Sands Limited is proud to offer Cerros Sands, a fully zoned, deed-restricted, deep-water channel accessed mixed-use residential community.    We invite you to consider exploring this fantastic opportuni...
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