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The land plot offered for sale is
located on the central street in
Marneuli, 35 km away from the
capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The
land plot is up of 1 hectare of
administrative area and about 100-
300 hectares of free land for
agricultural or industrial
purposes. There is a two-storey
administrative building
(15/20/600) on the administrative
territory (9200 square meters). On
the first floor of the building
there is restaurant `Tetri Saxli~,
and on the second floor there is
an administrative office. The
facade is facing the beautiful
garden with wooden cottages. There
is a warehouse (700km) with a
drying facility, car-wash, bakery
and orchard in the back part of
the site. Three meters away from
the territory there is the Algeti
River. The site was mainly used
for tobacco production. The
tobacco manufactured here was the
second best quality tobacco after
the Abkhazian one. This business
had been successfully operated
until 2004, when the production
completely stopped due to lack of
investment. But existing equipment
is in good operational condition
and are all opportunities to
restart the tobacco business.
Moreover, the place of over 100-
300 hectares may be used for
processing agricultural products
or commercial purposes. The place
is suitable for the construction
of an entertainment center or a
hotel and a restaurant. The
strength: 100 meters away from the
organizacion there is a railway
station and an agricultural
market. What is very important,
there is the Azerbaijan _ Armenian
border just 25 km away and the
high-way connecting Marneuli with
these countries, which gives a
good export opportunity. The
organization is provided with gas,
drinking water and high voltage
electricity supply. Our purpose is
to sell the land plot or to draw
investment to set up a joint
venture. the organization address:
24, Rustaveli Str., Marneuli
The land plot offered for sale is  located on the central street in  Marneuli, 35 km away from the  capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The  land plot is up of 1 hectare of  administrative area and about 100-  300 hectares of free land for  agricultural or industrial  purposes...
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