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€75,000  House Naxos, Aegean Sea

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Traditional, stone house with wooden floor. 66 meters, two floors, 3 rooms & balcony. Cool in

the summer, warm in winter. Located in the center of a QUIET, peaceful village, Biblos (also known as Tripodes), not far

from the town of Naxos and the sea. Reachable by car.

The owner will be entitled to 50% of the land which contains

one more house (semi detached).

The two houses used to be one, so some work needs to be done. The house needs a

kitchen sink in the ground floor room (which will be the kitchen with the sitting room). The bathroom needs to be redone.

The main door needs to be made from the beginning, in the place of a big window facing the street. There is also an internal

door needed, as well as internal stairs to connect the two floors. We ubdertake to deliver the house ready with the

additional cost of 25000 EUR, within 2 months after the sale.

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Note!! The satelite

map does not show the island of Naxos. If you zoom on the map, you can see all the names of the islands. Naxos is the big

one in the middle of the Aegean. You can see the name come up in Greek if you zoom very close:

One could of course look it up using another map altogether.
regional map naxos, aegean sea