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House For Sale in Nakov (1945 to
Nakodorf), Kikinda, Banat,
Vojvodina, Serbia.
The house was built in 1987 in
the street M. Orešković 16 / A
(formerly Ameisen Gasse), the
empty place (house, which is
before the year 1945 belonged to
Anna Weber, and is located
between the house of the Weber
and Anna Oppelz George).
The house is the outside
dimensions of 12.5mx 9.5m, with a
light and large windows with
light front door, the basement
under half the house, the
unfinished garage mechanic (just
finished work), and a garden area
of 90m x 10m.
I want the house to obtain
Nakodorf former residents or
their descendants.
Contact unfortunately possible
only in the Serbian language of
the former communist system of
education that is only protežirao
Russian language.
The house is situated on the
border with the Republic of
Romania, and is at the opening of
international border crossing in
the village.

House For Sale in Nakov (1945 to  Nakodorf), Kikinda, Banat,  Vojvodina, Serbia.  The house was built in 1987 in  the street M. Orešković 16 / A  (formerly Ameisen Gasse), the  empty place (house, which is  before the year 1945 belonged to  Anna Weber, and is ...
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