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BDT120,000,000  Plot of land Gazipur

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Mouza. Chamudda (ledger. 92)

Route: 250 metre west of Mirerbazar, 7 km from Tongi on the Tongi-Kaliganj Highway.

P.S. Gazipur Shadar

Union Parishad: Pubail

Sub-registry office: Tongi

District: Gazipur.

Relevant Settlement office: Gazipur

Respective govt. reference: Assistant Commissioner, land of Gazipur

Available Documents:

1. CS Porcha

2. RS Porcha

3. SA Porcha

4. Math Porcha

5. Registrared `Power of Attorney`

Area of the proposed land:

5 acre 45 decimals


16 bigha 7 katha


540 decimals

Original price of the land: Formal valuation being yet to be executed, the area wise price level has been surveyed and found to be BDT. 75 lac/bigha, i.e. BDT. 2.2 lac/decimal, that results the total cost of the land to be BDT. 12 crore (Approx.) and the price of the land has been simultaneously upward.

Proposed price of the land: The sales price of the land is being proposed to be BDT. 35 lac/bigha or 1lac/decimal, that would project the total price to be BDT. 5.4 crore (approx.) which would be further negotiable as per the possible quickest execution of the sales procedure.


The land has been a `vested property` as per the record and requires to have mutation on the ground of abandonment due to the delinquent rental payment and as per the prevailing land law of the state, this can be executed that circumspect the provision of the feasibility of the sale of this property.
The land has recently been under the acquisition of various names and there is no relevant document supporting this illegal acquisition which has been searched in the relevant sub-registry office, settlement office and office of AC, land, Gazipur.


An additional investment of BDT. 10,000/decimal has been calculated to be the highest possible requirement to overcome the coveted drawbacks within 6 months and that would consequentially make it a very good venture in terms of the investment return.
ELLABORATION OF THE PROJECTED LAND SALE    Location:    Mouza. Chamudda (ledger. 92)    Route: 250 metre west of Mirerbazar, 7 km from Tongi on the Tongi-Kaliganj Highway.    P.S. Gazipur Shadar    Union Parishad: Pubail    Sub-re...
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